Cindy Ann



At a very young age, I developed my fondness for real estate and all things lovely about a home. In addition the the love of architecture and aesthetics, I fell in love with what a home represents. Thanks to my Midwestern mama with a Southern soul, to me, “home” represented a magical place of security, peace and serenity. It was a place to dream and plan with those who love you the most. I remember building pillow forts and practicing my selling techniques with my stuffed animals and dolls. I would fashion “for sale” signs with my Lite-Brite and I used my Etch A Sketch to draw up contracts. This passion has stuck with me from childhood through adulthood.

After my university studies in Tulsa, I moved to Houston, TX and in 1994, I earned my real estate license. I assisted buyers and sellers with Gulf Coast Real Estate Company until I gave birth to the first of my three incredible children. Over the next several years, I had the opportunity to live in many exciting and interesting places in our country before returning to Oklahoma to be near family. It was when I landed back in the red dirt of the heartland that I decided to pick up my real estate career again, as my children were all in school and my familial support system was strong.

In my first year back in the saddle, I was awarded “Rookie of the Year” in the “Mid States Region” of Re/Max with a gross closed volume of over 6 million helping over 60 families achieve their real estate goals in that year! Within a few years, I became the CEO and Principal Broker of Keller Williams in Oklahoma City, then Fayetteville, Arkansas until Tennessee called. It was like I was being called home to a home that I had never visited. It was something about the music, the art, the food, and the people. Memphis was to become the new home for my family. We quickly found our tribe, our church home, and our favorite places to spend time.

Because of the love for our beloved adopted city that has lasted for more than a decade, the desire to serve our community is a very strong pull. One in which our entire family of five is involved. We feel blessed to help others call Memphis and the 901 home, and doubly blessed to have created a real estate team with my husband and children to live out this purpose.

Our real estate team slogan is also our family motto, “It’s a 901derful day to live the 901derful life” and that is what we intend to help our community do!